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Clarity is a professional services firm that offers Contract Compliance Audits and Contract Administration consulting aimed at cutting over payments. We work with clients and suppliers to bring clarity to every financial contract. Can we help you put money back into your budget?

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Recovering an overspent dollar is good. Stopping the process that allows overpayment of that dollar is even better. Clarity Consulting Group can help you do both.

Consistent Savings and Recoveries

Dedicated to carrying the lion’s share of the workload

We do as much of the heavy lifting as possible for our clients. We believe in making the process as
seamless as possible, which we know is necessary to make the process worthwhile. Our knowledge of
contracts and billings allow us to work independently and report out at a high level – saving the clients
time and money.

Even though we recover money from suppliers, we want to strengthen our client’s relationship with their most important suppliers.
With careful evaluation and thoughtful communication, we delineate better expectations and build stronger relationship.

Zealous commitment to maintaining strong supplier relationships

Smooth handoff

Our consultants are knowledgeable in building the departments and controls to curb cost overages, so we can create a permanent contract compliance function within your organization.

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