Our People

Our people are experienced professionals whose careers have focused on contract compliance solutions. Auditors find where overages occurred and consultants find ways to keep it from happening again. We combine detail-oriented audits and strategy-focused advice. The auditing team is comprised of experts at finding savings from your payables, and the consultants solve the underlying cause of those costs.

In short: we get results.

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Our typical client has large, complicated supplier contracts. These contracts were established to save money. However, the more complex the contract, the more difficult it is to fully realize the cost savings. High-tech software and well written policies and procedures are not enough. Only effective contract compliance verification (either with retrospective auditing or real-time monitoring) will fully realize the value generated from supplier contracts.

Our Clients

Our clients come from the following industries:

– Oil / Gas
– Utilities
– Hospitality / Entertainment
– Higher Education
– Health Care
– Construction

Our typical client will overpay their suppliers 1-2%. Our contract compliance and contract administration program will help eliminate the contract leakage.

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